P5AD2-Premium: How can I disable the WLAN Radio part ?

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who can help me pls finding a solution to the following:

I want to have the WLAN drivers installed, but the Asus Tek Control Center
should start the WLAN Radio in Disabled Mode.
I was not able to find a solution to that yet.

The PC always starts with the WLAN Radio on and I have to disable the radio
manually using the mentioned program.
(Open the Asus WLAN Card Settings from the quickstart bar and clicking on
button "Disable Radio".)

I think there must be a setting anywhere to save the configuration with
"Disable Radio" as the default setting.

Any suggestions ?


The software version I use id Asus Tek Control Center
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  1. I have the opposite (i hope i spell it right) problem.
    does nobody have any answer??

    (sorry for the bad english, but im dutch)
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