Will 7 fix my XP no sound problem?


After a fresh install of XP (SP2) I have lost sound (no audio devices showing in control_panel_sounds&Audio, audio tab. And media player, etc cand detect my audio devices.

I know this is a fault with XP, but does it go away with 7?
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  1. Win7 has far superior hardware support out of the box than XP and windows update has a good chance of picking up any other missing drivers.

    Install XP SP3 and then your audio card drivers.
  2. I agree 7 will install a driver for you!
  3. Win 7 is not a sure all. It may have better driver support for hardware of its day but that's the question ... is your sound hardware of this day ? If it's a XP system, your hardware may be outdated and therefore not supported by Win 7.

    Step 1 - Install XP (Done)
    Step 2 - do all the windoze updates
    Step 3 - install the sound drivers for your hardware.
  4. It doesn't sound like a fault with XP just a case of drivers not installed. That could just as easily happen with Windows 7. Go to the manufacturer's site for your sound card (or motherboard if it's on-board sound), find the appropriate XP drivers and install them.

    Windows 7 may be a useful upgrade, depending upon you hardware, but to consider installing it just to solve a sound problem is overkill IMO.
  5. There is history with this one I am afraid...

    Brand new Mobo, just wanted to stay with XP as didn't want the change to 7.

    At SP3, and then re-installed manufacturers drivers (using driver detective). No sound! I am fed up uninstalling and re-installing drivers to get it working. Decided to either remove SP3,2,1 and see when the fault clears. Or go to 7
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