How to activate windows 8

I can't activate my windows 8. Please help me!
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  1. What happens when you enter the Windows Key that was given to you when you purchased your windows.
  2. We need to make a distinction between key validation and OS Activation

    Key validation allows the install to start. You can have your key validated while offline.
    The activation is done at the end of the process after the install is complete.

    For key validation issues check for the common errors ( I char looks like a 1, G looks like 6, O looks like 0) while you enter the key

    For activation: if you did not install with a "used" key check your internet connection
    or even update your net adapter drivers (in the off chance you are getting corruptionn)

    -I have seen people plug in a phone cable into their laptops Ethernet port when they could not get their wireless access to work. (falls under bad network connection)

    all else fails you should call Microsoft product support and make them figure out the problem.
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