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I really didn't have any idea where else to put this, so I'm assuming it has to do something with windows.
I have been experiencing a problem now that has been going on for about a month. It occurred out of no where, and I have no idea how to fix it.

My internet explorer, and or firefox will not display a majority of the pictures on webpages. There is also no color on the webpages, no background image. I have tried updating reinstalling java, and firefox. I don't know what else to do really. It isn't too big of a deal. Only rare occasions will come up that prevent me from really getting the information from webpages that I need. For example, like if I'm trying to find a link that usually has a picture for the link I'll have problems finding it.

Another thing of note is that on yahoo mail, all the buttons on there, i.e compose and delete are there but they have lines through them and are very plain and have no height to them.

Any help or direction to help would be appreciated.

P.S another example of the problem is that I cannot see the submit button right now. The only reason I know its there is because the cursor changes shape.
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  1. With 2 different browsers you get this?

    Is anything else effected? does your desktop image show up?
  2. Yes it is happening with two different browsers. That is the reason I am thinking that it is a problem deeper than just java or the browser. My desktop is fine. I just recently put up a new background to check that.
  3. Another thing I just noticed. I downloaded a .rar file. Within it normally, i.e on my laptop all the files are sorted out in their respective folders.

    When I download this same file onto my desktop, all of the files are just clumped up in the .rar. There are no folders they are all just sitting in the .rar. I have to assume this is related to my web page problem..
  4. unfortunately i have not come across this issue ever.

    Can you take a screen shot for us to see?

    The rar thing is strange. is it the same version of winrar you use?
  5. nukemaster said:
    unfortunately i have not come across this issue ever.

    Can you take a screen shot for us to see?

    The rar thing is strange. is it the same version of winrar you use?

    prt scr for a screen shot right? where does it save to?
  6. It saves to the clipboard(same as copy from copy and paste).

    Open paint and hold control and hit V to paste it.

    Save it as a jpg and just upload it to or

    dadiggle posted a very complete list of fun things to try :)
  7. rgr I'm gonna give those a try when I get home from work today. My only concern is that I was reading a little about the script, and I'm not really experiencing problems with web pages loading when I click links. They load just without images and any type of frames to the pages.

    I also have Spy Sweeper as my virus scan and internet security and ***, and I have done recent scans of the system with windows defender and spy sweeper. Do you think that isn't enough that a hijacker could have gotten by that?

    Also going through the I.E settings I don't really think is going to be the issue, like I said before I am experiencing the same problem with multiple browsers. Also I do not get any kind of error messages. The pictures, buttons do not show up on the screen. Its basically a web page as basic as you can view it.
    With this new problem I have seen with the .rar file I tried to unzip however it does make me feel like it is some kind of virus. I don't know how it is related. I'm not that savy, but it is obviously related.

    I'll get a screen shot posted later, and try out some of those methods posted.
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  9. Hey. I dunno how it was fixxed, but I went to check some of those things that dadiggle wrote about. I opened I.e and it was good in there. So I reinstalled firefox and it was good too. I dunno how it got fixxed but thanks for all the help guys.
  10. Glad you got it fixed. I can almost reproduce it by telling the browser to not use the pages requested colors.

    Also under IE options general "accessibility" there is an option that does just what you had. Not sure how you got it on both IE and Firefox tho.
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