A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard problem

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Ok I have a really weird problem. I currently have:


AMD 64 3200+ Winchester

512MBx2 Crucial Ballistix DDR SDRAM PC3200

Western Digital 74GB Raptor

Maxtor Maxline 10 300GB hard drive

Antec P160 case

Antec 550W True Power PSU

eVGA 6800GT


Ok, anytime I even touch any little setting such as remove a hard drive or
plug in my usb ports to my motherboard, the computer stops responding and I
have to reseat the ram or change them around until it finally boots.

I thought it was the bios so I updated it to the newest which is like the 10
bios or whatever.

Also, is it normal for one dimm to get hotter than the other? The only way
I can get my computer to boot into Windows now is if I put one stick of
memory in and only one stick. Also it can't be in the memory slots where
the dual channel is activated (blue memory slots).

What could be causing these problems?

Again, one memory dimm is getting hotter than the other.

I've tried two sets of memory so far and the same thing occurs. I want my
system to be able to add and remove hardware without having to go through
reseating the ram each and every time. Any and all advice is greatly
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus (More info?)

    In article <P8Xye.12041$aA5.1481@tornado.socal.rr.com>, "Nocturnal"
    <nocturnal@anonymous.com> wrote:

    > Paul,
    > I just flashed the bios to the newest beta available which is 1012-03 I
    > believe and so far so good. I got farther into Windows that I've ever been
    > able to since last night with the memory in the dual channel memory slots.
    > Any idea what would cause this to occur? Especially with a brand new
    > finalized bios such as 1011?
    > Like I said I have a pair of 512x2 Crucial Ballistix memory modules and it
    > isn't overclocked. I don't even know if they're automatically running on
    > dual channel memory mode or if I have to assign it to run in dual channel
    > memory mode.
    > If you have any other tips or ideas, shoot them my way. I'm about to try
    > and torture the system to see if it's stable or if it was just a flaw. I'm
    > hoping the system is stable as the memory modules are fine if I put them in
    > one by one.
    > Here's hoping this bios fixed things!

    First thing I'd do is get a copy of CPUZ and check the hardware
    settings. Verify that everything is running at the proper speed.
    You should also have a look at the memory timings, and see if
    the BIOS did the right thing when it read the SPD on the
    Crucial DIMMs.

    There has to be an explanation there somewhere.

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