My dell laptop cd/dvd drive not working

i have not found dvd drive .in that one dvd cd is there but it was not comeing out.i not able 2 find cd in the my computer also it have not showed dvd drive(G)
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  1. I've answered this in your other thread but as I now know it's a Dell, go to your country's Dell website and input the Service Tag which is printed somewhere on the case of the computer, into the box at the Support>Driver Download part of the site. That should lead you to the drivers you need.
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    Restart the system and try to eject.

    * Try ejecting using windows Explorer (My Computer Right Click on Optical Drive Icon and Select Eject).
    * Try to eject in BIOS.
    * Try ejecting using the emergency eject switch (insert a straightened paper clip into the emergency eject hole, next to the eject button to lose the tension of the spring).
    * Update the BIOS and Dell Quickset.



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