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I've been ripping my hair out trying to enlarge my pictures so that I can email them around to other family members and share them . I'm taking old family photos and other family members are taking thier photos and emailing back and forth . Now that I'm getting involved in it I can't seem to come up with anything bigger then a thumbnail . My cousin says he has a canon scanner and simply hits enlarge as he's scanning in . Does anyone know how I could accomplish this useing a HP officejet 6500 . I've had no luck whatsoever with it . Or at the very least once the picture was in how to grab it resize it so it can be emailed along to everybody . I've tried a multitude of photo programs NONE have worked so far . Can anyone provide some assistance please ?????
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  1. Just about every photo program has an option to enlage or shrink images, you are donig something wrong or not looking at the right thing to fix.

    When you are emailing the pictures, are you selectiong the option to resize them for faster email/smaller size? How do the pictures come out after you scan them and before you email them? What settings are you using to scan?
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    Sounds like you're having an issue in the scanning process. When you're finished you only end up with a thumbnail sized image? I'd carefully check the settings on your HP.
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  4. zforce915 - I had taken your advice couldn't find anyhelp in the paperwork to the printer. So I called hp , I was on the phone , no lie one hour fifteen minutes . All i wanted to know is how to get into the hp solution center because i knew that was the secret to adjusting the scanner settings . now after all that time on the phone with him we got nothing done ! I was suppose to call back . My cousin stops over 5 minutes later I'm in the solution center everythings fine thanks for steering me in the right direction !!!!!
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