Upgrading from a Radeon HD 5450

my old computer just crashed a couple of days ago and i had to buy a new one, the new one came with a radeon hd 5450, and the card in my old computer is a geforce 9400gt. I know they are both crap, but i was wondering which one is better? In fact, i only have a 300w psu and was curious what is the best gaming card i can get with only a 300w psu? thanks for the help
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  1. The Radeon 5450 is the better card, but not by much and would probably be unoticeable.

    For a 300W PSU I would adivise a Radeon 5670
  2. would i notice a big difference with the 5670? and thanks for the help.
  3. Yeah, the 5670 is a much more powerful card over the 5450 which is designed for basic video output and playing videos, over the 5670 which has a place in playing games for midrange settings and resolutions.
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