P4C800-E doesn't POST, beep, shuts down

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Just built a new server with Prescott 3.0gHz P4C800-E, 2g DDR, dual
200g SATA 7200RPMs, some cheapo MX4000 videocard, a beautiful Lian-Li
quiet case with big old fans, a big-ass Cooler Master heatsink, Antec
Phantom 350w PSU and a Plextor reads-and-writes-everything.

When I flip on the switch, I see the ASUS graphic and the usual sign-on
messages. I hear no beeps at all, and within seconds the machine shuts
down. Doesn't reboot, just turns off.

I thought it first I was grounding out somewhere, so I took it down and
very, very carefully re-assembled everything to ensure that there were
no shorts anywhere. Brought it back up and this time it got to first
text screen showing start of POST, Ram, etc. But still, no beep, and
immediately shuts down.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem? And do I understand
correctly that this Lian-Li case has NO RESET SWITCH? I didn't find
one, anyway ...

Appreciate any ideas. I've built tons of machines so I'm pretty sure of
what I'm doing. But this one's got me stumped. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus (More info?)

    Ok, nm, I figured it out. The little pictures in the "manual" that came
    with the heatsink were so hard to deciper, I wound up using the wrong
    screws to secure the retention clamp onto the motherboard, so they
    stuck up just a little too high and prevented the heatsink from making
    physical contact with the CPU; the system was shutting down to protect
    the CPU!

    By the way, this Liam Li PC-V1200B case rocks something fierce. I have
    the Cooler Master copper heatsink with the whisper quiet fan, and a
    fanless Antec Phantom PS, and with the Liam Li's oversized, low speed
    fans, you can't hear this machine with your ears taped to it, and it's
    still very cool. Server, schmerver, I'm getting this case for my next
    gaming rig too.
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