Windows 7 boot problem

Hi guys,

Hope someone can help me out here.
Ive just done a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate 64bit (off a upgrade package using the custom install)
This all works well apart from the need to have the windows dvd in the dvd drive for widows to load up (Looks as tho im missing the boot files on my harddrive)
How can i sort this?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Windows repair.
  2. Ok, so here are the things that i have tried since i asked this question.
    Ive tried running windows repair 5 times one after the other, it comes back that there is not boot problem every time
    Have confirmed that my C drive is (Healthy, System, boot, page file, Active, crash dump and primary partition) as shown in disk management

    If i remove the windows 7 dvd it wont boot from hard drive comes up with insert system boot disk and press enter
    If i leave windows 7 dvd in it will boot off dvd and run windows as per normal

    Last night i decided that i must of made a mistake in the "fresh install" so completed another but alas that same issue is present.

    Where do i go from here?

    Many thanks
  3. Is the BIOS set to boot from Hard drive?
  4. Hi there,

    Ive changed the boot seq in Bios from dvd, removable, hdd to hdd, removable, dvd
    It does the exact same thing but it wont detect the windows dvd if i leave it in this configeration

    Its as tho there is no boot files on the hdd
  5. When you have the BIOS set to HDD and nothing else what error do you get?
  6. Hi there,

    Comes up with 'Disk Boot Failure, insert system disk and press enter'
  7. Might try reinstalling completely, but also format the drive. Formatting will erase all your data off the harddrive so make sure you backup first
  8. +1 to edmond419

  9. Hi all,

    Ive deleted all partitions and reformatted hdd and completed another fresh installation.

    Sadly the same issue it just seems as tho either the boot isnt coping across or is corrupt ? Is there any way i can test the boot on the hdd?

    What files should i expect to see in the root?
    What files should i expect to see in the boot folder? same as on the windows dvd?

    To me it just feels like its in the boot on the hdd
  10. See if you can get hold of a new hdd and then install into that HD (or get hold of some kind of linux distro and then try to "initialise" the disk, then create one or two partitions and then try to install again) as it seems like your computer is not able to write the MBR (master boot record)

    But in the root questoin, I think you should see at least the following

    Program files
    (if you are on a 64-bit system) Program Files (x86)
  11. Reset the factory setting and check the bios setting and select the option boot from cd

    I think you will be able to boot Win 7
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