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I'm in a real dilemma here:
I was going for the Compaq 7020, but they are not able to deliver before january.
When looking around, the new Samsung TFT's look real good (SM-171B) - it has all the right specs.: contrast 400:1, brightness 250, viewing angle 170/170, response time 25 ms - but the big problem is that it only has analog input.
Is this a big problem with new TFT monitors !!!!
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  1. Thje thing about analog is that the picture may not be as good as you want it to be. In addition, you'll have to deal with teh issue of pixel jitter. I don't like it, but if you must.

    If it's working...overclock it!
  2. We have been living with the analog interface for over twenty years now. Works great. Modern LCD monitors have circuitry that reduces or eliminates pixel jitter so I doubt you will have a problem.

    The best thing about the analog interface is, you will not need to update your LCD monitor in a year or two when you want to update your video card. The drawback to the DVI interface is that if you want to update one, you will be forced to update the other in order to take advantage of any future resolution or FPS requirements you may want.

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  3. I’ve seen advertised the new Samsung SyncMaster 171T with what they call an Xtrawide viewing angle of 170º/170º and PVA technology (seems like a kind of MVA). The brightness is 250 cd/m2 and the contrast 400:1 with a response time of 30ms. I didn’t found anything in the internet yet but the advertisement is for Christmas. It has anlog and digital interface and seems otherwise identical to the 171B
  4. Are u sure you are not mixing it up with the 170T - that's an old model that has analog and DVI input
  5. No it is realy 171T and there's also the 181T. The model 170T doesn't have 30ms of response time. It's in a panflet from Samsung for Christmas. The price for 181T is 2179,90 Euros and for 171T 1470,8 Euros. I'm from Portugal so I won't give the price in Escudos :). If you want to compare, in the same panflet the 171S in black/white is 1073,9 Euros and in silver 1085,20 Euros.
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