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Windows didn't pass genuine validation

Hi All,

I bought the Windows Product key from Ebay and after some days I am getting this Pop up message. How can I get rid of this Pop-up message?

Please find the pop-up message here :

Thanks in Advance!

Have a great Day!
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    The keys on ebay are from msdn or tech net accounts and are not to be resold,you have been had by the seller on ebay go after him for a refund and buy a retail copy.don't feel bad though you are just 1 of thousands of people who fell for this scam!

    welcome to tom's and go get your money back!

    they sell the same key to multiple people therefore not genuine happens!
  2. Buy a retail copy and all of your issues are solved!
  3. Windows 7 is awesome and worth paying for,i have bought 3 copies ,1 for my son and 2 for me!
  4. So that means I have to buy it again..Is there anyway this Pop-up message can be stopped?

    Yeah My friend bought it for me ! It was cheap $20 .
  5. NO it won't stop , and you will lose more features as you keep it on your computer.Get rid of it unless you are going to buy a retail copy from microsoft it's not worth the hassle!
  6. A copy of win 7 that is legit will never sell for $20.00!
  7. you can get an OEM copy for aroun d 100 bucks. You will not ever get a valid key for 20.
  8. If you work for Microsoft, you can get it for $30 though.

    I've ran Win7 for months not genuine--you only really miss out on the background. But now I own 4 copies.
  9. Guys,

    Thanks a lot for Info. I will buy a copy of the Windows 7 . I will post the link if I will be buying online just to make sure I get it right this time

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  11. FYI, you should be able to enter the new key in without having to re-install the system, there is a "change product key" option you can use.
  12. actually many universities offer windows for about $20, never is quite inaccurate in this context!
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