How to stop Data Transfer

my internet compnay Videotron send me large bills and I saw data Transfer in and out?
wht is this Data ?
I open my e-mail and I add few you tube shorth decomntry . why over 8GB data transfer can this compnay down by own to charge me more ?
If I stay in internet for one hours or five hours this data can effect more ?
Thank you
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  1. stop downloading !
  2. If you stay on the internet, your computer will be constantly communicating with your ISP, but only tiny amounts of data.
  3. 8gb isnt much these days seriously...
  4. Stop running torrents.
    Their default setup is to upload to other users while you are downloading.
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    Windows update sends data, any web page viewing used data, video streaming uses lots of data. Have the ISP send you an itemized list of what was used, or have them install a monitoring software you can check.
  6. I close my update now but I need pay $50 every month more , make me worry soon I open noot book uploading or downloading happen?
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  8. If you just turn on the notebook, it should not be sending any data anywhere unless you have a virus or spyware and if you have automatic updates shut off. You may want to find another ISP, charging for 8 gig of usage is outrageous, unless it's a wireless connection or a satellite.
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