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I've had my laptop for 2 years and it recently said I needed to upgrade my adobe flash player, or else I can't play any type of video. I installed and uninstalled it many times now. I have Windows 7, I am operating on a 64bit IE9, and I've tried the 10.2 Flash Player. I still can't view any videos.

I have tried the (Start;all programs;internet (non64)), and there is only one option of IE. 32bit just doesn't exist on my computer, even as a default.
I have also tried making the shortcut (C:/program files/IE/iexplorer.exe) something like that, and that file doesn't exist either.

I would like to view videos online without having to download firefox or some other type of browser.

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  1. You're bound to have problems using beta applications.
    You've just mentioned two.
    You should be able to activate IE 32bit in start all programs.
    Used with flash player 10.1 you should be good to go.
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    Flash support is notoriously missing from 64-bit browsers. If you installed the standard Adobe Flash 10.2 ActiveX plugin, then it will only work for 32-bit IE (which you seem to be missing?).

    However, Adobe has made available Adobe Flash Player "Square" which is a beta version of 10.2 that is meant for 64-bit browsers. Install the "Square" version of flash and see if that works for your 64-bit IE. Download page for "Square".
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