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Cyberpower PC built...

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
Enermax EG565P 535 Watt Power Supply
2 x 512 Corsair XMS 400 MHz DDR
2 x 250 GB Maxtor 7Y250M0 SATA on NVIDIA RAID 1 (I added the second drive
and set up the RAID)
NVidia Geforce 6600 256 MB PCIe Video Card
2 x Pioneer DVR109 DVD±R/RW Drives (I added the second)
Zip 250 ATAPI

Samsung SyncMaster 191T Analog/Digital LCD with status LEDs that tell you
whether the monitor is receiving data from the video card


Asus 1011 BIOS
Windows XP Pro SP2 32 bit
NVidia NForce4 6.66 (except Raid drivers did not update, still at 6.53)
chipset drivers
NVidia ForceWare 77.72 Video Drivers
BIOS Suspend State: S1 + S3


Whenever the system is in Suspend, Standby, or Hibernate modes, I cannot get
it to wake up. It does not matter if I manually put the system in those
modes or if the power settings put the system into those modes. I have tried
setting the BIOS Suspend State to S1, S3, and S1 + S3 and it has made no

When resuming from Suspend or Standby, the fans start up but the video card
does not start the monitor (the LED does not light up) and it appears that
the hard drives may not be read, either. I have to press the reset button to
reboot, although when I do, it does not run chkdsk.

When resuming from Hibernate, it finds the saved data, says it is restarting
Windows, but then the monitor goes black and stays that way. There is still
data coming from the video card, however, as the monitor's status LED stays
on. I cannot reboot by pressing Ctrl - Alt - Del; I have to press the reset
button. When I do, it tells me that Windows failed to resume from the saved
data and asks me whether I want to delete the saved data and reboot or try
again. I just delete the saved data and reboot.

These problems were just the same before I added the second hard drive and
went to a RAID 1 array.

This is a big deal to me because I want to be able to have my PC always on
yet saving power when I am not using it. I do not want to have to wait for
the computer to boot each time I use it, but I would like to save on the
electricity costs.
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  1. I had exactly the same problem with an ASUS m3n78 pro motherboard.

    For me the issue was an old broadcom 54g wireless NIC. Removed the card and everything magically sorted itself out.

    You probably have an outdated piece of hardware somewhere that doesn't support power-save states - I'm guessing the ZIP drive, but try removing pieces one at a time until resolved.

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