System restore did not complete successfully

this seems my year for pc problems as my 12 week old pc just got back from the shop after been fixed, then sound wouldnt work, now system restore wont work.

tried to restore twice lastnight. i knew something was wrong when it took 3 hours to finally complete each time. then it allowed me to reboot the pc, only to say system restore did not complete successfully. error (0x80070020)

then said try again. restored other pcs in the past and it normally only takes 20 minutes to complete a restore.

just to mention
. the reason i am trying to restore to earlier time is because my sound issue is back. now i carnt get any sound.
bloody computers.
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  1. system restore is RUBBISH - disable it seriously it slows down everything and does NOTHING

    test all your hardware properly, if everything is 100% perhaps its time for a fresh install
  2. Reinstall sound driver.

    Check connections and make sure you plugged it in correctly since it just came back from the shop.
  3. take it straight back to the shop if you've only just had it looked at!
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