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Hi, I want to upgrade my motherboard, cpu & memory in my computer and wanted to know if there are problems I could run into. I had a retail version of XP running when I bought and installed the windows 7 home premium upgrade version at a local store. I'm guessing I will at least have to reactivate windows and I'm worryed that after installing the new hardware windows will think it is on a new system and will not allow me to. I have a custom built AMD computer with an ASUS motherboard and will be installing another AMD processor but I'm not sure about the board yet. Thanks.
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  1. should have got the full version, upgrades are a waste of time.
  2. I've had no problems with upgrades. They even worked when there was no previous OS installed i.e I installed a new Windows 7 upgrade without XP.

    Microsoft link the operating system with the motherboard details so if you've got a new mobo, you'll have to reactivate Windows. In the UK, I haven't had any problems here either but if you do just give MS a ring and they'll help you out.
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