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Hi guys, I finally got my Compaq TFT7020 and I couldn't be happier with it. My luck though, there seems to be *1* dead pixel. In windows and such where it's bright and white it's unnoticible, when when it's black or dark, it's red and really stands out. It's abought mid upper right so it get into my periphial vision and get's annoying when I play darker games. The wierd thing is I really don't remember seeing this when I initially turned the moniter on for the first time, since I would have seen a red dot on the bootup screen. Now i've seen it for the last few times i've turned on the moniter. Could this be a temp thing, and will go away as the moniter gets burned in? If not will it be something I can get used to? It seems this moniter is in a hard state to get currently, so what's Compaqs policy when it comes to dead pixils? Can I claim it as broken since I have a 3 year warrenty when the moniter is easier to get? Or will they laugh because it's only one? I don't wanna do the 30 day thing because I would lose about $200 in shipping and I would probably have to wait a few months to get a new one. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. In reality, no manufacturer today can promise a flaw-free LCD monitor. Limitations of the LCD manufacturing process sometimes result in dead sub-pixels. On and LCD monitor, three sub-pixels one red, one green and one blue make up a “Pixel”. Dead “pixel” three adjacent sub-pixels is rare and almost every manufacturer guarantees zero dead pixels. However dead sub-pixels are very common. A "dead sub-pixel" can take the form of either a black or colored spot on a white background or a white or colored dot on a black background.

    Since this is a manufacturing issue sub-pixels typically will not go bad over time nor is it a temperature issue.

    Unfortunately companies like Compaq do not publish there policy on dead pixels, so it comes down to how much effort you put into getting a new one from them. I know this does not help you, sorry, I always tell my customers to call the manufacturer and ask before they make a purchase.

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  2. Here's teh deal- u can return it, but obviously shipping will be annoying. Now, you must consider that you in fact are very lucky- there's a formula to calculate the number of dead pixles that should be alloted, and a rough estimate using it, I'd say up to 7 pixels can go beand it's ok. As teh size of teh LCD gets smaller, the chances of dead pixels shrinks. Believe me, you'll get used to it, and in 5 years when u get a new monitor, you'll wonder how you did without it:) This will not go over time, and as gosharks stated, pixels do not go bad by themselves, but pushing on teh screen to get those fun ripples does damage the pixels, so doing that will create dead pixels over time.

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  3. Well there eems to be some good news to the story. Someone told me it may be a stuck pixel, one that doesn't move totally. He said it may go away or not, well I was moving the moniter to my desk, and so it was being handled, turned it on, I still get the red, but it's become the size of a pin prick now, hardly noticable at all. I guess as I was moving it around, some may have adjusted themselves? Hopefully it will go away totally in time, but it's nothing like it was.
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