Agility 2 40 Second Boot

I have an agility 2, and when I boot windows it takes 40 second's I timed it with my cell phone.

What is going on? I've seen loads of videos and posts and things about the agility 2 and it only takes like 10-15 seconds to boot windows (from the start of the load screen until the desktop is usable)

Why does mine take an extra 30 seconds? I dont understand...
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  1. I don't understand. I just put together in i3 530 with a sandforce f80 and it takes win7 38 to 40 seconds to boot? Is it me? 10-15 seconds seems unreasonable.
  2. To some extent, it depends on what you have installed. If you have 20 utilities that load on startup, or all kinds of services, then this can happen. If it's a fairly clean install, first do a speed-check on the disk to make sure that the read speed is reasonable, then... I don't know.
  3. The first step is to make sure you have set ACHI mode in BIOS.

    Next is to make sure that all of your drivers are up to date. I had a problem with an Indilinx drive where my boot time was hindered because my USB 3.0 drivers weren't up to date.

    Then you should visit the OCZ forums to see if someone there can help you out.
  4. When I say it takes 40 seconds to boot, I dont count any of the POST, once I see windows beginning to load, thats when I start the count, my bios takes probably 15 seconds itself. If you go on youtube and look at many people showing the speed of their SSD, the moment the windows logo is done playing, the desktop starts.

    Well I looked in my registry and my AHCI driver start value is set to 0 meaning my ahci driver is installed, so I'd get a BSOD if I were in IDE mode I believe.

    I've used AS SSD and my results are on par with this benchmark:
    (My Results: Here and Here)

    How exactly can I check if my drivers are up to date I thought windows monitored this on it's own. Ive been to the asus website but I cant find all my drivers in device manager since once they get drivers they are renamed and hiding in one of the categories.

    Also, I read somewhere you can check your boot log, and I looked in mine and had a bunch of errors and a few critical errors.

    Looks like this is turning into a windows problem rather than an SSD issue.

    I read that you should try using the command prompt and try using sfc /scannow command, I tried it and it found some errors and told me to restart and they would be fixed. It also said there were some it could not fix, and there is a log, here is the log:

    Also, I downloaded and installed driver detective upon the suggestion of another website so I'll try it and see if it can find any updated drivers.
  5. Ahhh I see. I started timing at the beep. So your boot time seems longer than average. However, it does seem a windows issue and not an ssd issue as your AS ssd results look good.

    Good luck navigating the win7 forums!
  6. I PM'd a moderator to move this thread :P

    Also, any suggestions on app's I can use to check my drivers? I've found a couple but they all want you to pay like $79.99 for a 1 year license, and the trial version is useless. Plus I dont want to download a driver through some third party website...

    The asus website is incredibly slow, and doesnt really have many drivers listed for download.
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  8. Anyone got any ideas?

    Ive posted on another forum which is windows 7 discussion, but the only responses I get are from a user who appears to be a robot... It's like talking to a wall...

    Also, I've found boot logs in my event viewer and some boot time's are as high as 68 seconds...
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