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I'm the proud owner of a Chaintech CT-7NJL6 mb and want to buy a front
panel with USB and audio in/out/headphones. There are a few on the
market that I've seen, but I'm not sure if the connection on the MB
works with it. The one I really like: SOYO BayOne Extreme 9-in-1
USB2.0 Card Reader - Retail $22.99 Model #: BayOne Extreme
Item #: N82E16820194502

I downloaded the installation guide, and it says "The Part A connector
of the cable # 3 follows the Intel front panel audio cable standard.
The Part B connector is for the front panel line-in function."

Part A is a cable with 5 connections and Part B is a cable with 2. I
can see by looking at the 7NJL6 manual that there are 5 connections on
the one side of the CN24(front panel audio connector) and on the other
side there is room for the Part B connector, although I'm not sure
which two I should connect it to.

Anybody have any experience with this stuff?

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    On Sun, 22 May 2005 06:36:23 -0400, nospam@needed.com (Paul) wrote:
    A LOT of technical stuff!

    MAN, you REALLY spent some time on that response!
    Thanks for all of the information.

    I think I'll go with something besides the Soyo Bayone Extreme. The
    audio part of it is something that I really don't NEED, but it
    would've been nice.

    The USB ports are really the only thing that I have to have out front.
    The card reader would be nice but not entirely necessary.

    Do you have any recommendation for a different panel that would
    definitely work on the 7NJL6? I had looked at the FrontX stuff and
    found them to be expensive and a bit strange.

    Thanks much,
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    is no absolute need to go near the headers on the motherboard,
    unless you feel confident in what you are doing. I'm not mentioning
    all this to scare you away from your project, but just to
    help you decide whether this project is something you can handle
    or not - I have a bad habit of assuming the people I help, know
    everything I know, and I tend to forget that some people who
    ask questions like this, know absolutely nothing about wiring
    stuff up, and are intimidated by the prospect of having to mod


    Some very good work Paul.
    I have to wonder if everyone writing those specs was as careful.
    starting with the easy, did Soyo ignore the intel spec which appears
    to agree with the ctech connector? I have to wonder if there weren't
    some left handed dyslexic Chinese doing the translating. Maybe in
    their mind the ground is the same as OC2, since in effect it is an AC
    ground but DC signaling for overcurrent?
    And then we are back to the audio.
    Humm? Maybe more of the same. Hopefully ctech at least followed most
    of Cmedia design. They have newer drivers at their site than ctech
    and some have reported them working for them on XP. They didn't for
    me on SE. And as near as I can tell they added support for newer
    features and didn't disable any as Creative would have if there were
    a few having problems with such. I am hoping to hear shortly how
    one's implimentation of their external spdif bracket worked, again
    was it to Cmedia spec. Although it certainly wouldn't be where one
    company stole an idea and then tried to implement it as the standard
    specification. Really raises questions if the ctech manual is correct
    and maybe it really is to the Intel spec? Might be one for Ctech
    support, if you can contact someone who really knew.
    The reason I mention these inconsistencies that you already discovered
    is that there are others. Seems many are having strange problems with
    these boards, one reason or another. Some maybe RAM related. I am
    currently running only one stick, and it is located per the manual.
    Yet every utility I've run shows the RAM in slot 1, not slot 0.
    First, someone labeled the slots on this board as 123, not 012. So
    was this a case of the inept? Further adding question is that
    discussion of dual channel on other boards, with other MOBO's. There
    configuration would be using 1&2, with 0 empty in dual channel, 2
    stick mode. So, what gives? did some use a poor design?
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