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I use Asus P5G41C-M LX motherboard. Audio driver is "VIA HD Audio Deck" ,driver version ,codec version VT1708S, pakage version .When I use windows7 (64-bit) my front panel microphone does not work.Computer cannot detect the jack.Front panel headphone works but sometimes some noise appears.I want smooth playback.But when I use windows XP microphone and headphone both work properly.How can I solve this problem?
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  1. Try updating your drivers
  2. Windows 7 does not like certain Microphones, i have a recording mic that has no drivers that support Windows 7 so i cannot use it.
    Try buying just a cheap one from newegg or ebuyer that does not require a specific driver or uses a generic driver or none at all, it's the only way i found to get around it.
  3. the last driver on via is i am using the same and work perfect on win 7 x 64,check setting on advance contol panel in via front panel detection should be on and headphones redirected
  4. My problem has been solved
  5. Mir Ferdous said:
    My problem has been solved

    It would be great i f you share your solution with the rest of us.
    I have the same problem and COULD ha been fixed IF you had posted your solution.

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