Jedi Academy: how do i use skins or mods in a single playe..

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i have been trying to figure this one out for about 4 days now. i've been
to about a hundred differnat sites but still nothing. they all say to put
my "custom" skin with the differant names (ie*, torso, and
lower) into a folder named custom, and replace one of the existing
models(ie* rodian, human female/male) but i cannot find these files on my
computer. i go into JA, then to gamedata, then base, and nothing. ive
searched everywhere in the folders i have but i still cannot find these
files of the original models. will someone please help me...
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    That may be because the skins are built into the game.I don't think you can
    overwrite them.
    Downloaded skins usually go in the base folder of JA.
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