Random Blue Screens and Freezes?

Hi. I built a computer and have had it for about 6 months now. Just last week the motherboard stopped working and would display everything all distorted. I just got a motherboard back from rma but it is a refurbished board. I put everything back together, installed all drivers and everything works. But now whenever im playing games or sometimes just normally using the computer it will freeze, and sometimes randomly restart and read an error message saying blue screen on restart. I put my cpu back to standard settings and nothing else is overclocked. Ive tried using only one graphics card and that doesn't help anything either. Ive ran memtest on each stick of ram and everything shows up fine. Ive also run stress test and all the temperatures are right on the dot so no problems there either. Should i call ASUS up and complain for a NEW motherboard or what can be causing this. Thanks! The board is an ASUS Formula Crosshair IV processor is an AMD Phenom 1090T
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  1. As you seem to be saying it was overclocked when all this happened, it's highly unlikely the manufacturer will want to help you again. Try it with its proper settings for a while and you might find it works perfectly well.
  2. Reinstall Windows since that can cause a blue screen.
  3. It ran overclocked 24/7 with no problems. The blue screens didnt start until the second motherboard and even with stock processor settings im still getting the blue screens. Already reinstalled windows, even on a different drive just to try everything and problems still occur
  4. I noticed in your post that you ran one video card, did you try the other card by its self?
  5. Have you checked the dumps to see if its a kernel error or if its a program or drivers problem?
  6. Yes. I did try the one other card by itself too. No help. I havent checked the dumps, how do you do that? But if that was the problem wouldnt the windows reinstallation fix that problem.
  7. Bad mobo
  8. thats what i figured i hate refurbed parts cuz it takes longer to limit down where the problem is and you cant limit them out im gonna fight for a new motherboard
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