SOLD - Socket A mATX + Barton 2500 + 1.5GB DDR333 + Extras

Selling my old board CPU and memory.

Board is a Gigabyte GA-7VM400M MicroATX Socket A

Integrated Unichrome graphics with shared memory (AGP 8X slot for upgrade)
3 PCI slots
Integrated LAN
Integrated 6 channel audio
AMD Barton cor Athon XP 2500+ CPU
Copper heatsink and fan
1.5 GB of DDR333 Ram (One 512mb and one 1GB chips)
Optional SP/DIF header included
Optional USB PCI header included
Port cover

Board runs great, very cool, and very quiet and would be great for a media PC or home theater PC.

Here is the direct link to the board:

Will sell for $185 and that includes shipping to Cont. US address. Paypal payment required. Email me at for purchase or questions. First come first serve.
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  1. how much for the ram? and proc by themselves
  2. Sorry, want to sell as one not seperate.
  3. why dude i would buy the proc and ram off of you right now
  4. Simple, because that is how I want to sell it. I am not going to change.
  5. ok dude fine btw the reason i think it aint sellin is that it has a via chipset and they really suck if i was to buy it from you how much would you want?
  6. If the chipset sucks, as you say it does, why do you want to buy it? Or is it more a point of you just spamming your post count up again and giving this guy false hope, hmm?
  7. Doesn't matter, just sold it off another site for what I wanted.
  8. Glad it worked out for you dude.
  9. no i just wanted the proc for my new mobo! man and the ram would be good too for my freinds comp hes got an old comp and needs ram really bad!
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