How do I update the Email Address in my Profile????

My AOL account will be deleted by the beginning of next month. Can someone point me in the right direction to change my email account as I can't do so in my "Profile".
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  1. Please PM 'webdog'.
  2. Quote:
    Athlon XP-M 2600+ @ 2.4Ghz @ 1.65V
    Thermalright SI-97 HS w/ 90mm Silent Cat
    3x512Mb Corsair C2PT RAM @ 218Mhz @ 2.7V
    ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
    ATi AIW X800XT @ 550/550w/ Zalman VF700-Cu

    and your just running AOL? :wink:
  3. Right now I have SBC Yahoo! DSL and I actually have an email address at I finally talked my parents into switching so we can save $15/mo. by not using AOL.
  4. So, I have PM'd webdog twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has NOT replied and my email address is still the same. What kind of forum is this if the guys in charge don't respond to you? Anybody else who I should "PM" in hopes of getting a response????????
  5. Hey thanks. Sorry for my last few comments; I thought I was honestly being bad. (Shouldn't there be some autoresponse to say that you're away? Oh well.)

    As for the PM's, I swear I sent two.....maybe I'm losing my head b/c my PC has been having countless issues for the past 2 weeks...
  6. In anycase, for everyone's info, you can change the email youself from the next release (tomorrow at the latest).

  7. Done. You can change the email now, from Profile. You of course have to validate the new email via clicking on a link in an email you will recieve... (well, you know about that drill).
  8. Quote:
    ..... (well, you know about that drill).

    Is this the same drill cartman had to do to get his seapeople? "all i had to do was close my eyes and suck it out of a hose."
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