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Weird home network problem with AT&T broadband

Last response: in Networking
February 16, 2003 8:08:11 PM

Weird home network problem with AT&T broadband:

I used AT&T broadband for sometime now, and eveything was working properly, before I moved to a new location, and re-subscribed to AT&T in the new location, and built a new computer.

Here is my setup:
AMD athlon1600 computer with D-Link network card (I think).
LinkSys router/4-port switch/Wireless Access Point.
Laptop with a wireless card.
PC and Laptop running Windows XP pro.
RCA AT&T broadband cable modem.

Here is my problem:
I CAN connect to the internet from both my PC and Laptop, but CANNOT connect to the router setup page (at or something like that), nor can share files in my network (THIS IS MY PROBLEM: I WANT TO SHARE FILES AND PRINTERS), and I CANNOT SEE the laptop from the PC and vice versa. I have my PC and laptop set to obtain IP automatically.
But when I set the IP on my PC (or laptop) to static ( or something like that), I can access my router setup page, BUT CANNOT access the internet. The router is setup the same thing I used to set it up before I moved. (Obtain IP automatic, nable DHCP..etc.).

Also, when I obtain IP automatically in my PC, and can access the internet, I notice that my IP address of the PC is not in the 192.168.1.x form, but in a general AT&T form (like 12.256.x.y), and the laptop also has a different IP address. (The gateway they use is a AT&T form 12.x.y.z, not the router adress

It looks to me that I am not part of the home network (linksys router) network, but part of the AT&T network, where my PC and laptop have their own IP address, instead of aving local IP to my network.

I guess I am not that newbie, so I am sure that I have stuff setup properly (as I did it before many times).

How can I solve this.? Very annoying not being able to share files/printers...

Thanks in advance...
February 17, 2003 12:02:35 AM

you have to plug the cable modem into the wan port of the router. if your getting isp ips you have the modem plugged into a switch port.

my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
February 17, 2003 1:09:20 AM

Wow... That is true. I never suspected that it is a wiring mistake..

Thanks alot for the quick fix.. :) 

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February 17, 2003 2:19:10 AM

Sorry, I got another issue:
After re-wiring the cables to my router, now I can see the router from my computers and eveything, and it is working fine (as a local network).

BUT still I cannot share, and looks like the reason is the laptop: When I view the properties of my wirless connection in my laptop, it lists the usual four elements:
1-MS Network Client (or something like this)
2-File and printer sharing (service)
4-TCP/IP (where the IP is set to automatically obtain)

The thing is I cannot select the first two elements, I see them, but they are UNCHECKED, even if I check them, it gives a message saying that they will be unchecked.
What could be causing this? This is the first time this happens. My PC is working fine, and all 4 elements are checked. My laptop is not.

What could be a solution for this...

Thanks in advance...
February 17, 2003 4:26:58 AM

are you sure its not just warning you that it could be a security risk? are you local admin?

my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
February 17, 2003 5:24:28 AM

Yes I am sure it is not the warning message.
When I display the properties, I see the two items are not checked, and when I check them, and hit close, it says (something like this):
By choosing this selection, you are also deselecting MS cleint and file sharing etc. Are you sure you want to do that? Yes, NO.
If I choose yes, or no, either way, it leaves the two boxes UNCHECKED when I display the properties again. This is completely weird for me. Maybe it is not recongnizing the network wireless card correcly? It says it is working properly.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
February 21, 2003 8:02:54 PM

Anybody can help..?

Thanks in advace...