Hewlett Packard Deskjet 540 + Windows 7

Hi I recently built a new system and have an old Hewlett Packard Deskjet 540 printer.

Went out today and bought a parallel to usb cable connector and hooked the printer up.

Made the connections and all. Turned on the PC and it recogized the cable I believe but didn't find the printer.

I know this printer has no problems on my Windows XP Professional Machine as XP came preloaded with all the drivers to make this thing work. I thought the same would be for Windows 7 but was sadly disappointed.

Anyway to get this working on Windows 7?
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  1. It's an orphaned product. HP likes to do that. They want you to buy a new printer from them.
  2. davcon said:

    Yeah I've seen that support list myself way before I made this post.

    I was just hoping someone may have gotten this printer to work or may know how to on Windows 7 as I have no problems with it on Windows XP as I plug, play and go on XP.

    I used www.google.com and googled the words "Hewlett Packard Deskjet 540" + "Windows 7"

    I got a few hits for some websites that seem to have drivers for Windows 7. Wether these sites are trustworthy is another thing.

    Any suggestions to get this printer to work?
  3. only thing to try is use the xp drivers see if it works or not.
  4. fowang said:
    only thing to try is use the xp drivers see if it works or not.

    It won't work. Different driver model.
  5. I had the same problem. If you use the HP Deskjet 600 (Monochrome) driver in the list offered by Windows7 it will work perfectly.
  6. Tried hp deskjet 600 (Monochrome) driver with windows 7 and could not get it to work.
  7. Solution!
    You can get a driver in Windows Update!
    I saw the HP Deskjet 600 today in Windows 10 Tech Preview(15.06.2015)!
    control panel->device manager->"action"->"add legacy hardware" follow the wizard->choose "add manual (advanced user)"->"printer"
    choose your printer port->PRESS the button "Windows Update" then wait.->
    choose HP as manufacturer and "HP DeskJet 600"

    The descriptions may not match exactly cause I got the german version.
  8. You might want to try to use a driver extractor software for offline installation.
    Anyway that is what I'll be doing next :)
    Enjoy a worink printer.
    Hope you still got it.
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