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how good is this motherboard?
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  1. Do NOT buy this mobo!!!! I got one for my sister's comp and it wont even screw into the case! 8O The plastic latch thing on the bottom causes it to rest unevenly on the mobo tray! Stay away from this thing!!!
  2. If you know what you are doing, this is a cheap/free MB. has some problem but can be bypass if u know how
  3. I Bought the ECS Nforce3 A939 and can 100% recomend it

    Overclocked to 245FSB stable x2 4200 @2.7 with clockgen got upto 255FSB 2.8ghz reduced it to 2.7ghz so it will last i have H2O cooling CPU

    very easy to install had minor issue installing OS to sata HD needed floppy with Sata drivers.
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