Installing an old 3Com Ethernet modem

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine has a 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11G modem ( and needs to use it with Windows 7.

That page says that this modems install automatically with Win 7. But I think this applies only when Windows 7 is installed while the modem is connected. Because otherwise how Windows 7 could even be aware of the presence of this device as it's connected via Ethernet rather than USB ?

My question is : how to ask Win 7 to install that Ethernet modem ?
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  1. you usually connect to ADSL routers like this via network cable and not usb :S
  2. ... and there's nothing to install. Windows doesn't really care what's at the other end of the ethernet cable (or wireless signal). As long as your ethernet and/or wireless interfaces are working it should be OK. (Of course you will need to configure your modem/router with your ISP's settings, but that's a different matter.)
  3. Ok thanks!
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