Should I be concerned with this sites recent Doom3

I just read the recent Doom 3 benchmarks this site did and now I'm concerned about Doom 3 and my numbers.

Tomshardware review used this system to test the game:

Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
FSB 200MHz
Motherboard Intel D875PBZ (i875)
Memory 4x Corsair CMX256A-3200LL CL2, 1024MB
HDD Seagate Barracude 7200.7 120GB S-ATA (8MB)
DVD Hitachi GD-7000
LAN Netgear FA-312
Power Supply Antec True Control 550W
Drivers & Configuration
Graphics ATI Catalyst v4.9 Doom III Hotfix (Beta)

and got 46.6fps with a 9800XT in 1024x768/High Quality/all other settings default. Now my system is this:

Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz @ 3.5 Ghz
FSB 235mhz
Motherboard Abit IC-7 (875P)
Memory 4X 256PC-4000 OCZ Gold Edition DDR (1:1) 1024MB
Hercules Radeon 9800XT
SB Audigy 2 ZS
160GB 7200rpm Maxtor SATA 150 Drive (8MB)
Antec TruBlue 480W P/S
Graphics ATI Catalyst v4.9 Doom III Hotfix (Beta) I'm 300mhz faster processor speed/140mhz faster FSB speed (Quad pumped) and therefore faster memory speed as well/1024x768/High Detail and other settings default (as site's review system) and I only get 33.1fps!!

Now I know different computer systems act differently but 13fps in Doom 3 says a WHOLE LOT!! Am I missing something? Anyone? Thanks!
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  1. Turn off AA and AF if you have it on.

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  2. i find review sites always get higher numbers than what i get in real life

    i get 47fps with a 2.4ghz Athlon, and a 9800pro @ xt speeds, 128megs vram..

    thats AFTER tweaking the doomconfig file, and doing the new ATI shader hack. Tomshardware didnt do that hack , and they are getting 46.. and at the CPU speeds we are at, its mostly video card bottlenecked

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  3. Yeah, I hear ya. But like I said, 13fps is nothing to put aside. That is a huge differnce considering the hardware advantage.

    I don't use AA. But AF is automatically at 8x with High Quality.
  4. I have p4c 2.4 OC to 2.8 1 gig duel channel; 9800pro
    I get 60fps all the time 50 - 60fps rarely like 25fps with something crazy happends

    <font color=green>P4 2.4c @ 2.8
    Asus P4P800
    MSI R9800 Pro 128
    1Gb DDR 2700 [Dual Channel]
    80Gb WD </font color=green>
  5. U ass u r just showing of your system. ofcoasre it will work.... dumbass
  6. i know it works. just wish it would work as fast as this sites review system that is slower than mine. read the whole post before replying (attacking).
  7. I get a constant 60 fps with amd 64 3200+ and 9800 pro 256 meg card and 1 gig ram on high setting.

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  8. Fool... there are a number of tweaks you can do when u have an ati card. I don't know them since I have a nvidia card. Or make sure u have no viruses spyware or other open programs. Also if all else fails try to reformat (only if u have the time and patience), if problem continues then it might be hardware problems. But really it could be anything I mean I play D# on high on my 64mg card and it runs fine most of the time.
  9. Try this tweak and you should see a nice jump in performance without compromising quality.

    Create a file called autoexec.cfg in the Doom3/Base folder. In the file, copy/paste this into it:

    seta image_downSizeLimit "1024"
    seta image_ignoreHighQuality "0"
    seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "1024"
    seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "64"
    seta image_downSizeBump "0"
    seta image_downSizeSpecular "0"
    seta image_downSize "1"
    seta image_forceDownSize "0"
    seta image_lodbias "0"
    seta r_preload "1"
    seta r_skipBump "0"
    seta r_shadows "1"
    seta r_useOptimizedShadows "1"
    seta r_useTurboShadow "0"
    seta g_bloodEffects "1"
    seta g_decals "0"
    seta g_showBrass "1"
    seta g_muzzleFlash "1"
    seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"
    seta image_anisotropy "4"
    seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"

    Before I enabled this tweak, I was getting around 43fps in the demo1 bench on 1024x768 High Quality. After the tweak I'm getting around 52fps and the in game fps runs at a much more solid rate. I can definately tell an improvement.

    So I would assume you will see a nice improvement with this tweak. Doesn't hurt to try. If you try, post your new results.

    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle
    1gb Corsair XMS pc3200
    ATI 9800np 256-bit 128mb
    3dMark01: 20,503 3dMark03: 6359 Aquamark3: 46,653
  10. i'll give it a shot and post. do you know how to keep ALL of the setting as they are on HIgh Quality but ONLY lower AF to "4"? thanks
  11. I believe what I proposed will do that for you. The website I got it from said these were settings for people who wanted to keep the integrity of high quality settings and at the same time receive better performance.

    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle
    1gb Corsair XMS pc3200
    ATI 9800np 256-bit 128mb
    3dMark01: 20,503 3dMark03: 6359 Aquamark3: 46,653
  12. I think the reason reviewers get higher fps is because their systems are newly formatted, and probably all that's on the pc is Windows XP SP2 and Doom 3! So less background proccesses, and better performance. Of course in the real world you're not gonna format your whole pc for 10 fps extra - at least not if you're sane ;)

    XP2000, 512 ddr 2700ram, GF4 MX440, XP Pro
  13. perfect. trying 2nite! posting 2morrow! thanks
  14. itj311, went home for lunch and tried your solution. Lost 3.6fps as a result. ran demo a few times and same thing everytime. i lost about 3.6fps.
  15. Sorry to hear that. And actually, now that I think about it, I know why it didn't work.

    The settings that you tried and that I use, are for gfx cards with 128mb memory. Yours has 256mb and mine has 128mb, so maybe that is why it didn't help you. The site said they had yet to impliment a tweak for 256mb cards, but that they were working on it.

    I will try to find the site for you and link it here. Again, sorry it didn't work for ya.

    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle
    1gb Corsair XMS pc3200
    ATI 9800np 256-bit 128mb
    3dMark01: 20,503 3dMark03: 6359 Aquamark3: 46,653
  16. Ahh, don't worry about it. You tried to help me..and failed miserably! Ha, ha, ha! Just kidding bro. I guess I should stop being picky, huh? I don't mind the way the game plays now but KNOW that 8X AF is overkill. No prob, don't stress over it. Thanks for the help.

    Oh, did you know that released the Trent Reznor sounds he did for Doom 3 and then later took the link down at id's request? Do you happen to know to get or have that exclusive sound pack? thanks
  17. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> is the site where I found the tweak that doesn't help you(lol) in case you would like to peruse it. ;)

    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle
    1gb Corsair XMS pc3200
    ATI 9800np 256-bit 128mb
    3dMark01: 20,503 3dMark03: 6359 Aquamark3: 46,653
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