Bsod in games and p95

Hey im getting a few bsods. They restart my computer in games and they crash prime95. the highest temp i saw in prime95 was core: 70c. i have an amd phenom x4 965
here is the DUMP
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  1. one thing i noticed is that it shows srv.sys as some sort of error.
  2. You'll break the fans and then you'd need to replace the fans. It's just like trying to drive a car for more than a few hundred kms with the gas pedal to the floor at 65km/h on 1st gear at 6000rpm
  3. 1. Set ya PC so it doesn't auto restart after a BSOD. This way ya can read the error message.

    2. Any error messages in Event Viewer ?

    3. Post ya dump files here:
  4. Please post the rest of your system specs. This is most likely a heat or power-related issue. What is the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU?
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