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I have just uploaded a website using FTP (Filezilla) - but although all photos were uploaded (both website buttons and photos of artists and their work), none are showing on the website, no matter which PC or browser is used.

How do I resolve this problem ?

Julia :(
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  1. Is this a website you created?
    If so, how did you upload the photos and work.
    Make sure that the web page points to the folder that has the content you wish to display and that the file type is compatible.
    This site might help if you're new to this...
    Hope this helps.....JQ
  2. Were there any failed transfers? Did you checked you log?
    In some other case sometimes you can forget to check the link path or it is hard coded that causes some page not found when uploading it or moving from one server to another.
    Or else :
    1. Keep the directory structure of the website intact. Check the case of directory names! The case has to match exactly what is linked inside the HTML. On a *NIX server, image and Image are two different directories, while i. e. on Windows they are regarded the same. It is generally recommended to keep everything lowercase.
    2. The same for filenames, case has to match exactly.
    3. Use relative linking inside the HTML. Example: images/pic1.png If you see driveletters in your HTML you made an error for sure.
    4. Set correct permissions for directories and files (if available).
    5. Don't use spaces or "special" characters in directory- and filenames. They have to be encoded and are troublesome.

    They might work well if it is a windows host server whereas on a Unix one, it wont!
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