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I'm getting this error message in a blue screen of death after exiting
Brothers in Arms. Any ideas?
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    Try changing the IDE driver to the MS one. I had to do that for my brothers
    NF3 system I built for him. It seems there are still issues with Nvidia's
    IDE driver.


    "Mr. Brian Allen" <> wrote in message
    > I'm getting this error message in a blue screen of death after exiting
    > Brothers in Arms. Any ideas?
  2. Always bad ram or hd for me. Test both, memory with Memtest86, hd with manufacturers diag, or Seatools from Seagate will test any brand of hd.
  3. I've had nothing but issues with the Nvidia IDE driver, never load it. I never load the Nvidia hardware firewall for their ethernet controller either--had a huge issue with it pegging my cpu and causing me to not be able to reach some web sites.

    That error can be memory but if it's not happening anyplace else it's doubtful that's the issue.
    In the bad old days XP had a bad bug where on some systems a certain system register would get overloaded, usually when playing games due to the heavy memory and video use and the whole thing would come crashing down.....that issue was signaled by that error message. That bug is supposedly long patched in XP, if you're using service pack 2 then you are patched, I believe it was patched for the first time in service pack 1.
    That could also be some kind of registry mess, I recommend crap cleaner highly is the url I believe.
    I've also had a couple of games that would crap if the game directory got too fragmented so if you haven't defragged recently give that a try too.
    Latest video drivers and all other drivers too (chipset etc) are another good thing to do just to cover the bases.

    That one is most often memory or video driver related. Good luck.
  4. I am trying to reinstall windows xp but i am having a lot of trouble now for some reason i am getting this irql not less or equal :pfff: :fou: can some one here translate that into english that doesn't mean a thing to me i have never had theis trouble before all i get now is this blue screen with irql not less or equal and sometimes bad pool header or pfn list corrupt :heink: at the moment i am running linux directly from a cd rom in my pc because xp wont install i havent done anything to any hardware or anything i have a dual core amd athlon x2 64bit with 2gb ram it worked before i cannot understand what has gone wrong :fou: :cry:
  5. I just had one here at that had the same error IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. I tried everything starting with the HDD as it was noisey. Still had the same issue after replacing it with a new one. Next I tried different RAM, still had the same issue. After all of that, it was the CPU overheating. You may want to take a look and see if your CPU fan is running, and that the heatsink is not full of dust. The one here at work is only 6 months old and it turns out that the day that HP made it they must have ran into a thermal paste shortage. There was a tiny dab about half the size of a penny in the middle and it was dried up. After I removed the heatsink and fan i cleaned off the crispy paste, and reapplied a proper amount that was consistent in thickness. Perhaps the best way to apply the paste is to cut a small piece of transparent plastic (from blister pack package) and make a spreader to apply it with. You do not want so much that it oozes off in all directions, and you dont want so little, that it doesn't work as it should. You may be able to get into you bios (depending on the bios) and see what you CPU temp is. With the one I had, this wasn't an option but I used a nifty IR Laser temp gun and saw a 20 degree F. drop in CPU temp (on the heatsink). It now works good and no more BSOD, IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. May be worth a try. This error is caused by a hardware failure whether it be CPU, RAM, NIC, NB, maybe even the SB and VID card, sound card. You could also try removing non-critical hardware and see if the BSOD goes away.
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