I'm planning to turn off fast start up..

I want my computer to Shutdown faster than Starting it faster. I didn't see a big fast increment with that turn on. May be a small percent which I don't need. But really it take some more time when shutting down to save the file. And most of the people will be using ssd. They are faster and no one want to write too much in their drive unnecessary. Will windows automatically disable fast startup if it detect ssd?

And this fast startup Cause lot of troubles. I don't restart when some programs need to do that. I use to shutdown and let them install. But now I have to restart. I forget it and I got auto off problem then only I realize this fast startup issues.

If this Fast start up can give performance after the login to load the startup program that well desired. I know I can disable them but I need to have some.

I think I better turn off fast start up. What you think?
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  1. I turned fast startup off on my SSD because it was a small SSD so that(hiberfile.sys) + page file takes lots of space(reduced page file to 4ggiabytes[4096megabytes]).

    SSD's seem to start more then fast enough to offset the "Fast Startup" being off.
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