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Well I have 2 x Seagate ST3500418AS 500GB Hard Drives. When I'm trying to install win7 and I come to selecting the partition to install the OS to, there's nothing there. No hard drive, no unpartitioned space.

Hard drives are set for RAID atm, but it didn't work any other way as well.

All system is set up correctly and bios recognizes the drives and other hardware.

Help plix?
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  1. Try making them individual hard drives, like make it not a RAID config. If the RAID config is not in "mirror" mode, and one of the drives fail, the other drive can become unusuable and you need to format the good drive again
  2. "Hard drives are set for RAID atm, but it didn't work any other way as well. "

    I've tried a lot of options concerning the drive configurations. None worked. Still nothing shows up on the drive screen ;/
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    You'll need to load your raid drivers so that the disk can be recognized. Press F6 just after the CD boots and it will prompt you to insert a floppy disk containing the drivers.
  4. I have no floppy disk with drivers, nor floppy reading device.

    So basically you're saying I should launch the RAID or SATA drivers from my mobo CD while installing windows?
  5. Okay, I solved it. Thanks to ijack.

    Basically what I needed to do was to get a pre-install SATA/RAID/AHCI drivers for my mobo!

    U can download the drivers, put them onto floppy, CD or USB and during the Win7 installation browse for them and install them. Unpartitioned space shows up immediately.

    Thanks a lot guys!
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