SBLive 5.1

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anyone have problems using this card in the 8Kra2+. ok for MS drivers on CD
but with Creative's CD it bogs down the whole system. stuttering and
creative no help at all.
latest SB drivers wont even recognise the card in the system ??

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  1. I had similar problems installing this card onto my EP-4BEA but finally I got it working.
    First, you need to disable the onboard soundchip in your BIOS.
    Then, run a custom install and only install the Creative drivers for Windows.
    Boot and check if there's any defective device displayed in your device manager.
    There might be a hardware interrupt conflict with other cards.
    If so, arrange your pci cards into different slots which will take effect on the interrupt assignment.
    My soundcard sits in the lowest slot if this is of any concern.
    You can view the interrupt table in your device manager (properties of 'computer').
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