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I am doing and upgrade from xp to Windows7, I get to the set up screen and click the install button. Was the install process starts I get a message saying can't find cd/dvd device drivers.This computer has raid componet. I have worked for two days trying to figure it out. Did contact Dell there solutions was to ship me two new hardrives. Any answers?
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  1. You can’t upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 only from Vista to Windows 7. If you are doing a clean install you will have to either install the SATA raid drivers when Windows 7 asks if you want to install 3rd party drivers or set the SATA option in the BIOS to IDE from AHCI.
  2. I can't get that far into the installtion. It is asking for cd/dvd drivers for the drive. I am running an enterprise system. Sorry I wrote it is an upgrade acutally would be a new install if I could get past the request for drivers.
  3. I would dowload the SATA drivers from dell for that machine and use them when loading windows.
  4. Anonymous1 that is what I would do also, but it is often easier just to set the SATA settings to IDE mode in the BIOS as some times the correct SATA driver can be hard to find among the myriad of drivers and options that some motherboards have, particularly for a beginner..
  5. I was sent a new cd/dvd for Windows7, it solved my problem.
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