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Hi. I've been on the screen where you can make screens larger from (default) 100% - 200%. Is there a tweak / registry hack to make the windows SMALLER? (less than 100%?)
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  1. There is a setting on the Display menu called "Use custom DPI setting" that will allow you to reduce text size below 100%. Is this what you are looking for?
  2. You can also just check to make sure the resolution you are running is the correct one for your monitor. If you increase the resolution, text/icons will get smaller. Many people run their monitors at less than ideal settings.
  3. I wasn't looking to decrease the text size, I was looking for the "resolution effect", so to speak. I am use to my 27' iMac at home with the 2500x1900 (rounded) resolution, and I love it.. everything is small and takes no room, I feel like I have room for 10 Safari's. However, because I work with computer for 8-10 hours a day at work, and they run Windows 7 with a fairly low resolution (1366x768), I was wondering if there was a way to decrease the overall Window's sizes without having to manually go to the side of the window and slide it to a smaller box, because that's not the same.. that's just making your viewing point smaller inside the window, I want the entire window to decrease and keep the viewing point (if that makes sense). Thanks for the replies.
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    Look at my post above, set the resolution to the highest your monitor will support. I doubt you can set it anywhere near what your home computer will be at though unless you have a 24" or larger monitor at work.

    There is no other way to get more screen space aside from a larger monitor and a higher resolution.
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