Windows 7 and EasyBcd bootloader

Is easyBCD compatble with windows 7/64 bits ?
Thanks for your answer.
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  1. Yes, but the order of installing a dual boot (or more) is essential.

    From a webpage I read/printed/used, first install Win 7 on primary partition.
    Then install XP (or whatever) on secondary partition.
    Then run EasyBCD, so you can choose which OS to boot into.

    Does this help? Sorry, I couldn't find the page I once used, or I'd have linked it.

    BTW: I ditched the dual boot. Only kept XP to use a All-in-One printer, unsupported in Win 7. Ditched the printer, too.
  2. I'd have done the install the other way round. First install XP, then Windows 7. Otherwise you'll be left with XP booting and Windows 7 inacessible without a repair install. AS EasyBCD is installed on Windows 7, that's a problem.

    The rule of thumb that I follow is to always install the newer OS last.
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