what is insuficient in my system 2 run Doom 3

Hi everyone. I just made a new pc. It runs Doom 3 on high graphics but not on ultra. Here are the specs:


MB K8N Neo Platinum MSI MS-7030

CPU AMD 64 |3000+ ATHLON 64 RTL

DDRAM 1024MB PC-3200 GL5123200B-G %





and my vga is:

GeForce 6800GT 256mb DDR AGP 8x/4x with these specs:
GPU NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6800 GT

>> Bus Type AGP
>> Memory 256MB GDDR3
>> Core Clock 370MHz (vs. 350MHZ standard)
>> Memory Clock 1000MHz (effective)
>> RAMDAC Dual 400MHz
>> API Support Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0, OpenGL for Microsoft® Windows®
>> Connectors VGA, DVI, S-Video-Out
>> 555 million vertices/sec setup
>> 32.0GB/second memory bandwidth

Maybe its my monitor:

Samsung 150 MP SynaMaster MONITER AND TV TUNER

Included Devices Built-in TV Tuner, Remote Control

Aspect Ratio 4:3 (Standard)

Brightness 270 cd/m2

Color Depth 16.7 Million Colors (24-bit)

Contrast Ratio 400:1

Diagonal Size 15 in

Interface Analog

Interface Type Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA), Video - 4 pin mini-DIN (S-Video), Video - RCA Composite Video

Monitor Color Silver

Mounting Desktop

Pitch 0.3 mm

Refresh Rate at Max Resolution 75 Hz

Resolution 1024 x 768 (XGA)

Response Time 25 ms

System Type Apple Macintosh, PC

Video Standards NTSC (Full)

Viewable Size 15 in

I dont know what it is, all i know is that I cant play on the highest setting of this gameand i have a great system. I try to save the settings of the game to high res, ultra quality graphics and 16x antialiasing and then save. Nothing happens. It doesnt take affect. I tried every other setting underneath, but all that the game plays on is 1024 x 760 or whatever that res is. Even if it isnt my moniter and its my system, why cant this system handle it, and what can i do to fix it, even if it means i have to buy another piece of hardware. Please help me out..... I think its my moniter but maybe i need an update for my video card. Thanks
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  1. If its a 15" monitor I doubt it will go higher than 1024x768. When you have doom 3 in the settings click on ultra and then apply and ok. I think theres a button around there that will default to what the game thinks your system should be at but doesnt say anything.

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  2. Why do you have a 15" monitor with that system. You're crippling your experience.

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  3. I've read somewhere (PC Gamer perhaps???...) that in order to run the game at Ultra setting, one would need a 512MB video card.

    (From Gamespot.com: "Ultra Quality: According to id's Robert Duffy, the Ultra Quality setting requires a 512MB graphics card to run without a hitch since this setting uses uncompressed data that can take up a lot of memory space. Shuffling all this data around can cause some slowdown")
  4. You should be greatful to be able to run in high...mine can't even run low smoothly...hehe

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  5. Your right about the whole 15' inch monitor thing. It'sjust a temporary monitor until i get my bonus at the end of the month. I stopped playing the game until then lol

    This is for everyone who wants to play on ultra graphics:

    My system did it on 1024 x 760 and 16x AA. It was only slightly laggy due to fps. Although I am a little satisfied with Ultra, the best experience is on high graphics. There really isnt much difference at all anyway. I just wanted to know why my system couldnt run, but now i do. I would like to know everyone elses systems if possible. Oh yea and if you find a graphics card out there that is 512mb .... i would like to see it
  6. Quote:
    Oh yea and if you find a graphics card out there that is 512mb .... i would like to see it

    Thats the point...there are no 512MB Gaming cards available right now. IIRC, there are some workstation and professional cards that carry that much RAM, but they aren't built for games.

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  7. Quote:
    what is insuficient in my system 2 run Doom 3

    I am leaning towards the FD, probably holding you back.

    Anyways, I am confused, when you click on Ultra the game still runs but you don't notice a difference?

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  8. Quote:

    I am leaning towards the FD, probably holding you back.

    :smile: :smile: makes ya wonder how many floppies you would need for a full Doom3 copy, eh?


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  9. 3.5" or 5.25"?

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  10. Ah, but are we talking Double Density or High Density?

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  11. Dunno, I don't think there is High Density for 12" floppies.


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