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Okay I am trying to help my friend fix her PC. It is a Laptop, and she has windows 7 on it. She started it up the other day and it blue screened to an umountable boot drive error, not sure on the code. She tried cold booting it, and messing with the SATA controller but still nothing. So she managed to burn an ISO image of the Windows 7 Recovery disc (since her sister through the original one out) and burned it to a CD-R. We got the torrent and image off of Neosmart (64 bit) Now when she puts that in, it goes to the screen to select language and keyboard preference, but then after that, it freezes, and nothing else. This has been an endless cycle. I am TRYING to get her to the command prompt screen somehow (Shift+F10 right?) so I can get her to run a chkdsk and a fixboot sector.

Any help or advice or thoughts on why the unmountable boot drive error, or even why the CD won't work or why her comp freezes when the CD is in there after the language selection?

The error code


It is freezing at this screen,

It is the second picture, and RIGHT after that it freezes, no progress

it is a Dell Inspiron Laptop

Please help!

So far the links below is where I have gotten my info and I'm needing more help!
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  1. Since it is a Dell, have you tried to run the Dell Diagnostics to verify all your hardware is okay? Most Dells have this. Hit F12 for the boot menu and you should see "diagnostics" under the boot options like (HDD, CD/DVD, NIC, etc..). (If you didn't know). Scroll down then hit "enter" then it may be automated or it will give you a hardware or symptom tree.
  2. Yeah is that the boot menu that says safe mode, safe mode with networking etc? well she has tried the diagnostics and it freezes right after that.
  3. It should not be the one with safe mode, you get to that area by hitting F8 at boot. Turn on the computer and hit F12 (or what ever it says it is at the DELL splash screen for boot options), but Dells are usually F12. Then chose "Diagnostics". But if you indeed did it this way, you can use third party diagnostics. I can instruct you on how to do this if the Dell diags don't work.
  4. or you can look up UBCD4Win. It is a preboot environment that has Command Prompt in which you can run chkdsk and fixboot. It also has hardware diagnostics. Handy tool.
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