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Since I have installed the service pack 2 for xp, my minolta dimage scan dual
iv scanner has not worked. I suspect it has something with the usb drivers.
I have reloaded the scanner software several times, but windows appears to
not be finding it. The dual iv is in the system device manager, but the test
and connect box is grayed out. I have connected the scanner to my laptop
with xp and it works fine. The only differance is that the laptop does not
have sp-2 installed. Has anyone had a similar problem and know what to do.
The scanner has worked great for 10 months and it was only after I installed
sp-2 that it stoped working. Thanks.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)


    I have also experienced problems with Windows XP SP2, although it does
    not seem to be exactly the same problem. I have previously used my
    scanner with a four years old computer with Windows 98SE and USB 1
    without having any problems. Now I have a new computer with Windows XP
    professionel edition, service pack 2.

    The problem is that I can't make any image corrections when I use the
    Dual IV stand alone program. There seems to be nothing wrong with the
    scanner, it can auto focus, it makes scans and it saves the pictures,
    but as
    soon as I touch the image correction tab the scanner freezes, it
    respond to anything, the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the
    supply (and the image correction tab itselt is greyed out). According
    to both the device manager and the "test camera or scanner"-button in
    the control panel the scanner works properly. The strange thing is
    that when I make scans from another application (Irfanview, with
    "select TWAIN source" and "acquire") there are no problems making
    image corrections.

    I have previously described my problem at alt.comp.periphs.scanner and
    comp.periphs.scanners, the thread is called "Minolta ScanDual IV and
    Windows XP SP2 problem?". Maybe the answers I have got in those
    newsgroups can help you. I have also written to konicaMinolta's
    technical support. So far the advice I have got from them is to
    disconnect all other USB devices (did not help) and to try and update
    my chipset driver (which I have not tried).

    I have now written to the support again, pointing them to this thread,
    as it seems that I am not the only one having problems with SP2.

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