3 minutes boot with SB Live! X-Gmr 5.1!!!!!

Hi guys, here is the problem that has been killing me in the past couple of months:
Windows takes about three minutes to boot!!! I mean, whenever I have to use my pc I have to turn it on first, then find something to do to keep myself entertained instead of getting brain damaged by waiting more than THREE minutes looking at the dos screen right before windows boots..... and I know that 3 min might seem a little amount of time, but believe me, it's frustrating when I have to reboot the system because windows crashes - or maybe I loose sync on my ADSL modem - or I install a new program and I have to wait again....just imagin that rebooting five times takes up to an average of 15 minutes!!!!!!
Here is my system:
P3 800EB
256Mb PC-133 SDRAM
IBM DeskStar 75GXP 45Gb
Creative GeForce 2mx 32Mb DDR (using nVidia's ref. Drivers)
Creative SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1
Adaptec PCI card for my old 4x TEAC 55s SCSI burner (don't laugh, it still works great!)
DirectX 8.0a

Now if I take out the SB Live, the computer flyes.... it boots in few seconds.... but as soon as I put it back....same problem again....

Here is what didn't work:
1-Swap the sound card (it might have been defective)
2-Update Drivers (I didn't even install LiveWare3)
3-Everyday I check for BIOS update (currently v.1006a)
4-of course check the IRQ situation, it's currently on IRQ 9, and I even disabled the serial ports that were on the same irq...
5-Disable the SB16Emulation
6-Move the card to every possible PCI Slot
7-Make sure that DMA is checked into my hdd properties
8-Check for Intel IDE ctrl updated drivers for the 815chipset.....
9-Changed the high density IDE cable for the hdd THREE times (never know) - btw, the HDD has the primary ide channel all for himself, there are no slaves on it...

Basically, the pc gets stuck right after processing the autoexec.bat in the dos screen at the boot up...

I even changed the mobo 4 weeks ago!!!!!

I don't wish anybody to have the same problem, but I would be surprised if I am the only one... I mean, my hardware is pretty commonly used...
(btw, I have a 300W power supply)

Please help!!!
Thnx in advance to everyone.

A television may insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in
like a computer.
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  1. Have you tried renaming the autoexec.bat and config.sys and letting windows make new ones? Also you may want to make sure you are using the drivers for 98 and not ME because they are different. Atleast the liveware 3.0 is.
  2. I have the same board with a 733 processor and an SB Live card and my computer takes like 30 seconds to boot into 98SE. It's literally the fastest booting computer I've ever had.

    Anyway, I would try the autoexec.bat and config.sys thing that c9house suggests. Also, how many programs do you have starting up? Maybe the reason it loads faster when you take out your SB Live is that it's loading a bunch of SB Live crap normally (such as Liveware, plus some stuff that may execute in the autoexec.bat).
    One of the reasons mine boots up so fast is because I have pretty much nothing starting up (all I have is the volume control in the system tray - I didn't even install Liveware...)

    Just a thought...

    <i>I don't know anything about computers... but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night...</i> :lol:
  3. If I was you, one of the things i would do is check your autoexec bat and rem anything you feel shouldn't be their. Check that windows is in the high memory area etc. Then if everything works fine. Then good, if it dont click on start, then run and type msconfig. Then click selective startup and uncheck autoexec.bat. Don't worry about windows not starting because autoexec.bat is not needed for windows to startup. Good Luck
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