Hackintosh build question

will this pc build work for a hackintosh?
what i mean is will all of these components let me install OS X Lion?

asus sabertooth Z77 mother board
16gb 4gb x 4 corsair dominator
intel core i5 2500k
OCZ SSD 120gb
2tb WD Carved black HDD
XFX 7850
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    i would see for more info i can tell you your motherboard doesnt have a dsdt file i would stick with gigabyte z68 motherboards i have a gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3h-b3 it works well with 10.7.4 also have a intel core i 5 2500k your graphics is not compatible the highest AMD card compatible with mac os x is hd 6870. gtx 500 series work with some hacks to a KEXT file

    tonymacx86 have a dsdt motherboard database if it has a dsdt it supported under mac os x. you want a DSDT file so it as vanilla as possible otherwise you have yo use easybeast install in mulitbeast cpu powermanagement and sleep wont work right and possibly sound too
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