Windows 7 Network Load Balancing

After a lot search in Google i found the solution how to network load balancing.
For example i have a PPPOE Connection from a ISP Provider and a wireless Network and the PPPOE Speed is 1Mbs for Download and 512 Kbps for Upload and in Wireless i have 3.5 Mbps Download and 1Mbps Upload.
So what i looked for it was to use both Connections for Downloading and this work very good and now my Internet speed when i download is 4.5 Mbs Download and 1.5Mbps Upload.
This double speed will work only with torrents and download managers for example :UTorrent,Bit Comet etc and from download managers u need a download manager which can use a lot of simultaneous connections to a server i tried Internet download manager but it won't worked very well and now i use Bit Comet because BitComet have a download manager and in settings u can set it for a lot of simultaneous connections in downloading.

So now what you are going to do is to go to your Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
and to go to your Interface for me to PPPOE and to IPV4 Settings go Advanced and set Automatic Metric to 1
and do the same to another Interface for example to me to Wireless Connection IPV4 Advanced and Automatic Metric to 1

Disable Both of them and Connect first with pppoe to your provider and after that enable the Wireless and go again to wireless and set Automatic Metric to 1 because sometimes automatically windows sets it to 4226

the same work must do for example if you have two Lan Cards or Two Wireless Connections or Two PPPOE Connections

after that i figured that only downloading in uTorrent was working well but web services and msn and other programs stopped to work but to FIX that i set in both Connections the Google DNS and now everything Works Perfectly to me.

Don't forget u can use both connections only in Torrents and Download Managers(Download Accelerators)
the windows its not going to use both connections in Http Services when u go to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Windows will use the connection which is more free,and not the busy one.

For any question,ask here i will reply and i hope everyone will have now Network Load Balancing.Greetings from Betim Gashi Kosovo.
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  1. benchmarks!

  2. With 1 Mbs Connection i can't get that speed and it's up to you and to other if u want to use the network load balancing for me its a miracle because next week i will buy 2 more USB WIreless and will connect to 2 other networks in my wireless zone and i will have average download speed between 8-10Mbps.
  3. Thank you for this Betimig. finally got it working. But now I am trying something else. On this computer I have the NLB working perfectly, and now I would like to share this connection in my home network. Is this possible or does each computer in my home network need to have direct connection to each of the internet lines?
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