Blue screens while playing D3d games in win2k

As with all crashes/lockups, this one is just as annoying and must be fixed :(

In Win2k, while playing graphic-intense games (D3D only perhaps?) such as black & white, Diablo 2, and a few others, i VERY frequently get a bluescreen with an error message of IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN in ntoskrnl.exe or MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. After trying many things to figure out what causes it, i've found that whenever I try to switch windows while playing one of these games, it produces the blue screen. But something else must be causing it to crash on its own.

Please help if you can :)

-- Some info --
Abit KT7A (Via KT133A chipset) motherboard
AMD Athlon T-Bird 1Ghz
256mb PC133 DIMM
Viper770 TNT2 32mb AGP

Windows 2000 latest build, Service Pack 2
DirectX 8.0a
Detonator 3 reference drivers v6.50 (latest so far)

All other software/drivers/BIOS are completely updated.
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  1. yup!
    i had that exact problem.
    if i was playing a full screen 3d accelerated game and alt+tabbed out it would blue screen me (if i didnt have autoreboot on crash ticked)

    when i upgraded using the full 101Mb win2k service pack 2 it went away.
    also, try upgrading your graphics card drivers.
    im using the nvidia refrence drivers rev 7.76 on a gigabyte 660 plus card (tnt2 pro) and a p2-300.

    hopefully updateing those 2 things will help.

    I would show you some apathy, but i just cant be bothered.
  2. Exact same thing happens to me.

    My system:
    PIII 550
    TNT2 Ultra
    256 meg ram

    Does this to me from Counter-Strike AND Diablo II. Frustrating as hell - my hardcore pally "crashed" in the river of flame, and after I rebooted he was dead. :frown:

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

    BTW, I just did a completely clean format less than 12 hours ago, problem continued.

    <b>ßunn¥§troker 0wn§ j00!</b>
  3. Like i said that problem dissapeared after i installed SP2 and a new set of nvidia drivers.
    cant be sure what did it though.

    and i DID get it occuring again last nite, BUT that was cauz baldurs gate crashed and it tried to switch rapidly from windows to the game.
    after a reboot the baldurs gate 2 prob was gone and no blue screens either.

    I would show you some apathy, but i just cant be bothered.
  4. I had the same problem, even after upgrading to service pack 2. I changed two things in the BIOS and the problem has stopped. Not sure which one fixed it, haven't had time to figure it out yet.

    I changed the following:
    1.) Plug and Play OS = NO
    2.) VGA USWC or UC = UC

    Let me know if this fixed it, and which one fixes it.

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
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