Realtek Audio Drivers and stereo mix not picking up sound.

my speaker were working and then they werent did this I hooked up my headphones same thing work for a couple days then nothin when i test my headphone they work and i can hear them when restarting.the system sound work can hear them when adjusting the headphone volume.but cant hear browser volume on any of the sites I visit?? please help??any responses can be directed at oattseric@yahoo?? thank you.
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  1. Check your motherboard manufacturers web site and check for the newest realtek audio drivers.
  2. i gotta hp pavillion
  3. also it seems that since I can hear volume adjustment wit my headphone but not with realtek output hdathat theres eitha stereo mixing problem or a software recogn???IDK your answers are highjy valued.
  4. I also dont see my headphone In my devices or In device config.rem my speaker didnt work so there disabaled at the moment.
  5. Dou you have the Realtek HD Audio Manager in your control panel? It still sounds like your audio drivers and/or software got corrupted some how. Reinstalling should fix it.

    If you do have the audio manager in your control panel, you can change the settings there.
  6. ok thank you Ive tittlied lol wit It for three days and finally fixed It I used combo fx to take off security shield after a day or two I erased t from my shortcuts and lost sound after forever i finnally came across It In the watse basket smwhere IN unsolved programs ans I jus did it again and T asked me If I wanted to go ahead with the Instal clicked yes ans kno how we do It..thanks again..
  7. Play some music on your computer. RIght click volume icon, select Playback Device.

    Is any of the options there have a green bar jumping up and down? If so, what?

    If it is speakers, maybe your PSU is overloading the sound card, thus damaging the circuits
  8. i git It workin the sound Is nice and I hope my above post If readable will help sum1 else......Gud Day Good Sir!
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