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I recently upgraded my O/S from windows professional XP 64-bit with a clean install of windows 7 Professional x-64. The motherboard is an Intel D972XBX2, and the PC that it is installed in works just fine. The devices connected to the on-board SATA connectors include a 500GB Hitachi HDD and a Lite-on DVD-ROM drive, and I do not have any problems with these. However, indications in Device Manager are that no driver has been installed for the serial ATA controller, and this is a big puzzle that has me stumped. I am unable to find any compatible driver from either the Intel driver download center, or microsoft windows update, for this component and I am unable to get any assistance from Intel Tech Support. This is simply because the D975XBX2 mother board is no longer made by them. I've had this PC for almost four years, and all hardware passed the Microsoft windows 7 hardware compatibility test which convinced me to follow through with the upgrade to this operating system. I would appreciate any help that I can get for this issue. Thanks.
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  1. Intel has 2 RAID drivers on their website for that board... have you tried them?
  2. anonymous1 said:
    Intel has 2 RAID drivers on their website for that board... have you tried them?

    No, I did not install these two RAID drivers because I assumed that they applied only to a RAID volume which I do not have. But now that you brought it up, I don't think that downloading them could do any harm. Funny thing, though, is that my Hard Drive and DVD drive - both SATA types - are functioning normally, and this just adds to my confusion over the Device Manager reporting that there are no driver(s) installed for the SATA controller. I'll see what gives and let you know. Thanks.
  3. You do need to install the Marvell driver to enable the cluster of blue and red SATA ports on the Marvell controller. See these threads:
  4. Ulairi said:

    Thank you, Ulairi, and everyone else who attempted to help me on this. I have only one SATA hard drive installed in this PC, and besides this I also have a DVD-ROM drive that uses a SATA controller. Unfortunately, the recommended Intel and Marvel drivers that I installed from Intel's driver download site did not help me. And, to make a long story short, I also contacted Intel Support about this issue with my monitor displaying a bright white light at startup time, or when it comes out of hibernation. At any rate, I'm not even sure what the missing SATA controller drivers (reported in the Device Manager) have to do with this strange phenomenon. Intel's indifferent response to my inquiry was that their D975XBX2 MoBo was never designed for Windows 7 and, therefore, they have no advice as to how to resolve my problem! I've had this mobo for less than four years, now. And never minded that it passed Microsoft's hardware compatibility test (Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor) with flying colors. This is a 64-bit mobo that I purchased several months after the arrival of Windows Vista - which I did not like. And, considering that I had such difficulty finding compatible 64-bit drivers for this P.O.S. when it had Windows XP Professional on it, it is nothing but a dead ringer as I'm finding out now!

    The successful Windows 7 hardware compatibility test was what gave me the incentive to upgrade my O/S from Windows XP Professional in the first place. There was nothing on Intel's website indicating that there would be any adverse consequences for doing so, and I only found out after the fact that I would run into this problem later. Intel apparently does not provide any support for their legacy products, unlike most other major motherboard makers. Therefore, if you are caught with their legacy stuff at upgrade time you are simply S.O.L., as far as they are concerned! This issue that I'm experiencing forces me to wait for ten to fifteen minutes for this mysterious bright white light to go away after which the system finally boots into windows. I am planning to replace this PC in the next several months. In the meantime, I'm just trying to live with the crap because I made the mistake of dumping additional cash into RAM (6 gigs) upgrades and a new video card (a 1gb EVGA 9500GT ) that was not even a necessary requirement of the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor test. At this point, I just want to get back as much as possible of my money's worth until I'm ready to get rid of this troublesome P.O.S. And when I do I will make sure to NOT buy another Intel motherboard again; ever! Lesson learned: They are much more expensive than comparable Asus, EVGA, and MSI, etc., products which give you more bang for your buck. Oh, well, you live and learn, I guess! Thanks, again, guys.
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