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Please help me decide what 19" monitor to buy.

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
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a b Ô Samsung
November 26, 2001 10:44:27 AM

Please help me decide what 19 inch monitor to buy.
I am looking for a good new 19 inch monitor to buy soon.
Please help me decide what to get.
I want a flatscreen, good quality, easy on the eyes monitor.
I am thinking of maybe getting the LG Flatron 915 FT or maybe the Samsung 955 DF.
What to you guys recommend?
Any other monitors I should consider?
I want the best monitor I can get for my eyes.
Price range between $250-$400 U.S

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November 27, 2001 1:30:38 AM

I agree, I'm using this monitor right now! It's excellent.

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November 27, 2001 2:08:34 PM

I read many good things about LG Flatron 915FT+. Many techies swear by its excellent quanlity. It's definitely worth considering.
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a b Ô Samsung
December 12, 2001 12:43:45 AM

i just got a ViewSonic PF790 and i'm in love with it. i'm used to using a flat LCD monitor, but this baby is sharp and clean. cost a decent amount, but it's well worth it.
(15" LCD on laptop)
December 13, 2001 1:12:54 AM

i don't know much about monitors but from what i have read in tom's article and other sites, the pf790 is only .25dpi at the center. do any of you guys with the pf790 notice any lesser quality picture near the edges of the monitor? also, what made you choose this model viewsonic over another model?

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a b C Monitor
a b Ô Samsung
December 13, 2001 1:46:01 AM

the PF790 is something along those lines, not positive exacts, just check out
it's an apperature grille though, so those numbers don't mean as much as you may think. do a search for apperture grille, there is a lot of stuff to be read about them, but basically it's a Sony Trinitron technology.
they are better at video and graphics, but a shadow mask monitor will provide cleaner text.
as for why i chose this monitor, a few simply reasons:
- i use my PC monitor for DVD and TV playback
- it is cheaper than the higher end model
- viewsonic has a good reputation
- friends store is an authorized viewsonic dealer
- it suits my needs perfectly, and then some
- it's flat, and i'm used to looking at a flat monitor from my laptop, can't go back to curved, they give me this distortion headache kinda thingie where everything seems curved
December 14, 2001 3:13:40 AM

Well i Got myself a Sony G410r and it's awesome.
My friend got a Lg 915 ( 200$ less in canada than sony )

LG is good too but i still thing sony has prettier image than LG. Sharper and color and more vibrant
December 15, 2001 11:37:54 AM

I agree I love my SONY G400.
February 12, 2002 2:09:26 PM

Just bought 2 Sony's G410R from ems computing, came on time,
and monitors are awesome!!! clear, crisp, sharp.

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February 24, 2002 12:56:18 PM

Hi mx1,
I have been thinking of the same thing for about a month now. After reading all the specs and stuff, I had decided on the Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454, awsome refresh rates at good resolutions. If you want either of those things, don't but a Samsung - they suck.
The I went round the shops and actually took at look at these monitors. Well, I have never used a perfectly flat monitor before, but damm, I don't want those 2 stupid Trinitron lines across my screen. If I pay $400+ bucks for a monitor I want the whole of it to work! Then I saw the LG Flatron 915+, AWSOME! True flat screen with no dumb Trinitron lines, very nice, I buy mine 1st thing tomorrow.
My advice, go around the shops and look at some of these things, play with them at the screen resolution you are going to use and also at max resolution (1600x1200), if it don't look good, don't buy it!
February 24, 2002 5:20:43 PM

hey globe, what res do you run your sony monitors at?

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February 25, 2002 10:35:50 AM

1280 by 1024 I believe @ 160 Hzt !!!
sometimes I go to 1600 X 1200, but prefer to keep it at 1280x1024...beyond it gets too small.

and I love it!

XP 1700+ Soltek 75drv2 512 MB Mushkin rated 233 Radeon 7500 Audigy MP3+ Sony 16x10x40
February 25, 2002 5:21:02 PM

how do you run at 160hz? i know that the highest i cna select is 85, and i can select optimal and then it almost gets to like 98hz.

repeat after me, we are all individuals!
February 25, 2002 5:55:28 PM

I dont know, I have a radeon 7500 card, and under the monitor tab in the display settings I have options 60- 160 hzt.

I have a brother, whose eye sight is 20/10 - he sees everything, he even sees the flickering at 120 hzt, untill I showed him my 160!!!!....he didnt see no flickering, and guess what, he got the same monitor,

and he is running the same resolution at 160 htz.

XP 1700+ Soltek 75drv2 512 MB Mushkin rated 233 Radeon 7500 Audigy MP3+ Sony 16x10x40
a b C Monitor
a b Ô Samsung
February 26, 2002 12:29:08 PM

Saying that Samsung sucks is a pretty bold statement. I don't think you know what you are talking about sjonnie.

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February 28, 2002 10:49:00 PM

I agree that FE950+ is the best I've seen and its available in black made it more attractive to me for my black system.
March 2, 2002 5:22:57 PM

WOW you've got some brother there especially considering that on average the human brain can't decipher more then 72 FPS
March 2, 2002 5:39:17 PM

his brother is like me- I can see flickering at 120Hz. It is kinda annoying sometimes though.

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March 3, 2002 4:03:45 AM

Posted a similar reply a few minutes ago... I just received my PF790 after looking at Samsung, NEC and Sony. The PF790 was a perfect choice for me. Gateway deliverd it in 48 hours for $359 total, and the Aperture Grill is great. I can't find one thing that I don't like, especially the price for this level of quality. Graphics are jaw dropping.

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