Cyber Power PC's ????

I am in the market to purchase a new system and I stumbled across Cyber Power PC's and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them?
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  1. i was looking at cyberpower and came accross an odd thing they have the same address and fax number as i also emailed them asking what brand vid cards they used and their replay was "whatever was in the wharehouse" thats all i can tell you hope it helps
  2. Tell u what. My best advice on the matter is to purchase your own components and shave off from 300 to a 1000 and more dollars off the purchase-trust me thats what i shaved off. If you dont know how to make your own PC, go to PC and download their PC Building bible in PDF format. (Or buy it, im not sure if they have it up still) Trust me, will it not only put you in a more personal relationship with a computer, it will mean you'll get the say in all of the software, the say in overclocking (i dunno about cyberpower but ppl like Dell and HP disable overclocking), the say how your computer will look like, WHAT components you want, down to the last pixel shader version and pipeline number, and save a heck of a lot of money.
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